Monday, June 30, 2014

Crostini dinner

I love crostini and I love cheese so I went a bit berserk at the grocery the other day and bought a boatload of fresh artisan breads and cheeses.  I'd planned on doing a crostini each night with dinner but when my plans fell through and found myself facing a last minute throw together dinner, I made the crostini the main course.

I had some bits of salmon in the freezer from filleting a whole salmon.  I'd wanted to use them for a dip or a spread but thought it would go great with the crostini.  I soaked a cedar plank while I worked on the marinade for the salmon.  I put the juice of a whole lemon in a pot along with a fist full of brown sugar and some fresh herbs (whatever needed pruning - mint, basil, oregano, rosemary and a few slices of a chili pepper).  I mixed that until the sugar was dissolved and then put it with the salmon in a sealed bag until the salmon was thawed.  I put the pieces of salmon on the board and then put it on the grill on the lowest heat possible.

I started the bread by putting a drizzle of olive oil on one side of 8 slices of rustic bread.  I then put it on the grill for a bit of smokiness.  I didn't want it too crispy so I didn't leave it on too long.  While the salmon was still cooking, I removed the bread.  I rubbed two pieces with garlic and topped with fresh mozzarella.  I then diced a few grape tomatoes, added some basil, a touch of salt and some olive oil.  I let that sit while I worked on the other crostini.

The next one was a soft cheese that was spreadable.  It was almost like butter, very smooth but quite strong.  I spread it onto two slices of bread and topped it with sliced apple.

Next, I spread apricot jam onto two slices and topped with very strong blue cheese.

Lastly, I put spread (if you could call it that) goat cheese onto two slices, topped with arugula, pecans and drizzled with honey.

I went back to the tomato, basil mixture and topped the mozzarella with it and then drizzled with balsamic glaze.

I removed the smoked salmon from the grill and placed it in a ramekin for a nice addition to the crostini.

Dinner for two with each person getting one crostini each.  It was more than enough for dinner.

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