Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quick Sweet Treat

I found myself having a sweet craving one day and didn't feel like the same ol' cookies or cakes.  I had a coupon for Nutella and decided to get some just to see what I could do with them.  Once while in Paris, I'd had a crepe of Nutella and coconut.  Knowing that I probably couldn't make a crepe, or even if I could, it's involved and who wants to make just one after going to all that trouble.  I searched the fridge for a substitute and found some flour tortilla shells I'd used to make quesadillas out of for dinner one night.  I spread the Nutella over the entire tortilla and then sprinkled some shredded coconut I had in the freezer over half of it.  I popped it in the oven and let the tortilla get warm and just brown on the edges.  I took it out and cut it just like I would a quesadilla with three slices on an angle from the center.  Wow, what an awesome treat.  I thought maybe next time some nuts would be nice.  I'd also like to try Nutella and maybe sliced bananas or even strawberries, or hell, maybe even both.  Lots of ways you could go with this.

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