Monday, February 10, 2014

Banana Pudding

I thought about not writing about this one because I just posted a banana treat but it hit me that many others are probably in this same situation.  There was a sale on bananas.  Actually, I got a couple free with a coupon from my local grocery store.  I couldn't pass up free so I decided to grab a few.  I'm not a huge fan or bananas.  I'm mean, I like them but don't go crazy over them.  I mostly like them in Frosted Flakes cereal because that's how we always had them as a kid but I rarely buy Frosted Flakes anymore because of all of the sugar.  Anyway, I used one for the caramelized bananas recipe I just posted and then let the other two sit on the counter for a couple of days.  I'd heard that you can put bananas in the freezer and they do well so I thought I'd try it.  I grabbed a package of instant vanilla pudding from the store.  On the morning that I wanted to make the pudding, I put the banana in the fridge to thaw gently.  It didn't take long.  I tested it about an hour or so after moving from the freezer to the fridge and it was getting soft.  I mixed up the pudding, sliced the banana which looked great, just like a regular banana (not black like I was expecting) but it was super soft.  That made it perfect for the pudding.  I didn't want to buy banana pudding because I thought that would be too banana-ee and taste more like banana flavoring than real banana which I truly hate.  Banana flavoring is not pleasing to me.  Once the pudding was starting to set, I mixed in the banana that I'd just peeled and sliced.  It froze my fingers a bit but the result was worth it.  I still had some whipped cream in my canister so after dinner, I topped off my pudding with a squirt and it was divine!  So, yes, you can freeze a banana but only do it if you don't want perfect slices.  Use it to mix into something else.

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