Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'd like a Pita-cheese please

I was rummaging around today trying to find something to eat for lunch.  I was contemplating making some tuna but what to do with the leftovers.  It would be a few days before I'd be able to eat it again and tuna gets runny if you don't eat it pretty quickly so I continued with my search.  I wanted to use the other half of the pita I had from my "boca burger on a pita" dinner last night (  I pulled the pita out of the fridge and flopped it on the counter.  I saw the container of olives I had just bought the other day.  Just a small assortment.  Chris doesn't like olives so I treat myself every so often with some nice ones from the olive bar at the grocery store.  I had wanted to put some in my tuna.  I'll have to post my killer tuna recipe next week when I decide to make it!  What else goes good with olives?  Cheese!  I got out the huge block of sharp cheddar that Chris bought a few weeks ago that I've been hacking at ever since.  I carved off two and half (knife slipped) slices and eased them into the pita.  Put the oven broiler on high and got out some tin foil.  I put the cheese back and noticed the little squares of jelly I'd ripped off from the breakfast place we went to last weekend.  Oooo, that would be great!  I looked over my options - strawberry, orange marmalade and blackberry.  I grabbed the orange marmalade, peeled back the top and spread the whole thing on the cheese.  Onto the tin foil and into the oven.  Just as the cheese started to melt (sweat really), I flipped it for just another couple of minutes while I grabbed the olives, a Diet Dr. Pepper and a napkin.  I went back and rescued the pita from the oven.  Perfectly melted and just a tad crisp.  Yum!  It was super good and a little fancy feeling - cheese and olives and all.

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