Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My first Rice Bowl

My partner saw a recipe online for a healthy rice bowl and wanted to try it.  I wasn't as interested so I kept the link but figured I'd probably never end up making it.  One day I had come down with a horrendous migraine and couldn't fathom eating anything until I remembered the rice dish.  I thought it would be something bland and boring that I could eat and not irritate my stomach any more than it already was.  The rice bowl recipe was simple enough but even with feeling nauseous from the migraine, I had to spruce it up a bit.  It called for white rice, avocado and a fried egg.  I decided to dissolve a bouillon cube in water for the base to the rice.  I didn't know if I should use beef or chicken so I did one of each.  And since my partner likes brown rice and I like white rice, I made the two batches with the brown going with the beef and the white with the chicken.

I made the separate batches of rice but wasn't thinking about the time difference in making white rice as opposed to brown rice.  Brown rice takes about twice as long to make as white rice so when I was ready to start the second portion of the recipe, the brown rice was still crunchy.  I decided that we'd share the white rice and then have the dish again the next night with the brown rice.  I could take one for the team with the brown rice.

While the eggs were frying, I sliced a half of an avocado and then ran outside to snip some chives.  I diced the chives, put the rice in a couple bowls, topped with the egg then the avocado and then sprinkled with the chives.

I was still skeptical about the dish but I curled up on the sofa and held the bowl in one hand and the fork in the other.  I took a few small bites of just rice and then egg white and rice.  It progressively got better.  Then rice, egg white and avocado.  The creaminess of the avocado with the rice and the tiny bite of the chive was incredible.  It was so soothing.  Then I went for it and had a bite of it all - white rice, egg yolk and avocado.  I was blown away.  The saltiness from the chicken bouillon rice with the silkiness of the egg mixed with the rich avocado.  Heaven.

We gladly ate the same dish the next night with the brown rice and was surprised that I liked it just as much with the brown rice.  This is one I'm keeping in my list of go to dishes when wanting something to wrap up in and enjoy.

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