Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cherry Lime Drink

In the search for something different to eat, I often find myself looking for something different to drink.  I don't drink alcohol so sometimes the selection of non-alcoholic drinks is a bit underwhelming.  I've been experimenting with some at home and thought I could start posting them here.

I went to a mushroom festival this past weekend and on the way out, there was a pickup truck completely filled with cherries.  Of course I got a giant bag of them and have been eating them every day for breakfast.  I took a bunch this afternoon and pitted them as they're starting to get too soft.  I looked over and saw a lime on the counter and had a thought.  One of my favorite drinks as a kid was a cherry smash from the local pharmacy so I grabbed a glass and that lime.  I squeezed half of the lime in the glass and then dropped in about 6 cherries.  I took my pestle and carefully crushed the cherries in the glass until they were pulpy.  I then topped off the glass with cold water.  I took a taste and it was super sour so I dumped in one packet of sweetener (I use Splenda).  I gave it a stir and yum!  I sat in the fridge until dinner in the hopes that some more of the cherry flavor comes through but it was pretty tasty just as it was.  Can't wait!

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